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The Marketing Architect

The Marketing Architect is a small marketing consultancy run by the two of us – Pip Evan-Cook and Siân Mansbridge.

During our illustrious (and longer-than-we-care-to mention) careers, we’ve helped more than 100 businesses bring their marketing to life and get noticed by a huge audience of potential clients.

OK, we’ll mention it. Between us, we have over 50 years’ marketing experience.

We work with small and medium sized service-based businesses using the experience gained from working with large organisations such Nationwide, Vodafone, Grant Thornton and Marks & Spencer.

A Network of Expertise

  • One of the benefits of all that experience? Our extensive network of experts – everyone from copywriters and website developers to SEO consultants and logo designers.
  • We can draw upon the best in the business – experienced professionals who know your sector and can deliver the tools you need.
  • After we’ve developed a strategy that’ll make your business shine, we can introduce you to the right experts to bring that strategy to life. Or we can support you with getting it done yourself.
  • Think of us as your outsourced marketing brain – giving you access to all the knowledge and know-how that over 50 years’ marketing experience can deliver, without having to make space for it in your own brain. 
Pip Evan-Cook portrait

Pip Evan-Cook


Pip has been working in marketing for more than 20 years. After completing a CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) diploma in 1997, she became in-house marketing manager at Interregnum plc, and then Spirent Communications, plc, before leaving the corporate world to start her own business.

In 2012, Pip started the business in order to help organisations which aren’t yet big enough to have a full-time marketing team.

How will Pip help you?

You’ll have a clear understanding of what makes your business special – and how that can help you to stand out in a busy marketplace.

Pip will distil the unique value of your business into messages and marketing ideas which resonate with your audience of potential customers.

Why is Pip great to work with?

Pip brings warmth, wisdom and creative acumen to the team. She loves sifting through marketing muddles to help people reveal the pure gold in their business. You’ll come away with a huge stash of new, unexpected insights.

Sian Mansbridge portrait

Siân Mansbridge


Siân has worked in marketing since 1995. She was there, on the spot, when digital marketing was born.

While she has decades of experience as a content strategist, and a fascination with social media, you’ll also reap the benefits of powerful offline campaign strategies.

How will Siân help you?

Siân is a natural at strategic thinking. First, she quickly gets to the heart of what makes your business attractive to customers. After that, she gets to work researching and developing a marketing plan and social media strategy for getting the word out.

Siân’s project management skills will save you hours of valuable time. She brings together and manages everything you need to bring your marketing to life.

Why is Siân great to work with?

Siân is resourceful, clever, creative and full of insight. She has a knack for cutting through complex problems and delivering beautifully simple solutions. And her quick wit keeps us laughing.