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The Marketing Architect is a virtual marketing team for service-based businesses. We help our customers to define and carry out a marketing strategy.

In simple terms, a marketing strategy is just a question of connecting the dots from your customer’s need or problem, to your brand as the solution, in order to make those all-important sales.

In reality, making this happen involves actioning hundreds of tiny (and big) tasks, making decisions and hitting deadlines. It’s time-consuming and overwhelming. Without someone dedicated to ‘making marketing stuff happen’ every day, it slips down the priority list.

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Connecting The Dots

Whether you’re running a small business, with a handful of team members but no-one dedicated to marketing activity, or, a bigger business that needs extra marketing power during busy times, we can provide a virtual marketing team to get the job done.

Our open and straightforward approach means that we do away with the jargon. We take the time to get to know you, your business and your customers, and work with you to create a marketing plan to find and build relationships with prospects, and connect those dots.

Having us focused on making the marketing happen will free you up to concentrate on delivering your service and managing your business.

Communication is fascinating

At the heart of The Marketing Architect is a fascination with communicating the wonderful things about each particular business to its key audiences. Our eye for detail and ability to bring consistency and life to a brand are what help us to achieve that for our clients.

For more detailed information on what we do, please head over to our services page.

If your business needs clarity, support and guidance to better understand, create and manage your marketing activity, give us a call to learn how we can help: 07912 534630, email pip@marketingarchitect.co.uk or fill out the form below.


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