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My name is Pip Evan-Cook and I am the Founder of The Marketing Architect. I have been working in marketing for 15 years. I started my career working for a venture capital firm in the heart of Mayfair. The nature of a venture capital business means that all income comes in the form of equity holdings in other businesses and there isn’t a lot of cash in the business – until you make an exit. Marketing budgets were small and expectations were huge. I helped to establish an effective prospecting process, created the marketing materials for a very successful flotation, and learned how to build a brand on a shoestring.
Pip Evan-Cook
My story

What I’ve learned

Next I worked in larger companies, such as Spirent Communications plc, managing marketing across international boundaries with a generous budget. I learned about creating sales messages that compel audiences to act, delivering complex ideas in a simple way, and how to repurpose content for different groups.When I became a mum in 2007 I quickly realised that combining my two roles – parent and globetrotting marketing manager – was not an option! So, in 2011 I started my own business. I have helped a range of clients, including a high-end image consultant, a health guru, and a turbo-charged Pilates expert, to use big ideas and cutting-edge marketing techniques in their small businesses for maximum revenue.

Communication is fascinating

At the heart of The Marketing Architect is a fascination with communicating the wonderful things about each particular business to its key audiences. My eye for detail and ability to bring consistency and life to a brand (combined with being a bit of a bossy boots!) are what help me to achieve that for my clients.

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