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Marketing for Ambitious Businesses

You’re brilliant – we help everyone see why

Small marketing agency…
Big results

OK, be honest. How well is your marketing strategy working? 

Are you spending too much time on it, switching from one idea to the next?  Or are you in a bit of a marketing muddle, wondering where to start? 

We have a proven process for making marketing easy for you. First, we help you to blow your own trumpet by uncovering the things that make your business brilliant (and so much better than your competitors).  

Then we create a straightforward, time-saving strategy for getting the word out. Follow that strategy, and your business will get noticed by the right people.

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Small is Beautiful

When you hear ‘marketing agency’, what springs to mind? A funky office with trendy staff, a pinball machine and bean bags?

We’re not like that.

We are a small marketing agency with decades of experience behind us. And because we’ve been in the business since forever, we have a huge network of professional experts at your disposal – from website designers and content writers to graphic designers.

We specialise in marketing for service-based businesses. We can either run your marketing for you, or help you to do it yourself. In other words, we make it easy for your business to keep growing.

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We work with

Ambitious coaches, consultants and practice owners, who want to focus their marketing efforts. If you already have clients, but want more, we can help you get persuasive messages out to your target market through the right channels for maximum impact.

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We aren’t the best people to support…

Businesses that are just starting-up (sorry). We know we do our best work for organisations that already have a few happy clients under their belt.

How we do marketing

We know that not everyone has a huge budget for support with marketing, so we have a range of options to suit all pockets. Whether you need help to create a marketing strategy that will get your business noticed, support with planning magnetic content to promote your services to your ideal clients, or just an expert eye to review your marketing and suggest ways to make it work harder, we’ve got your back.

As a small business that was big enough to need some serious marketing, it was important to find someone we could trust to tell us what we should be doing and then make it happen.

Chris Wigglesworth