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Consistency is King

Consistency is King

Wimbledon’s on and it still hasn’t rained? What the heck is going on?

The one defining feature of the British weather – a total lack of consistency.

When it comes to marketing, you don’t want to be Britain. You want to be Santa Barbara. Because, in marketing, consistency is what delivers a result.

Are You Bang On With Your Benefits?

Are You Bang On With Your Benefits?

Here’s an old marketing joke.

Question: When is a benefit, not a benefit?

Answer: almost always.

Okay. So, we don’t do good jokes. You probably aren’t splitting your sides.

But, you might take my point. Ask most business owners what benefit their customers get from choosing to buy from them, and they almost always answer in features.

Perhaps I’ve gone too far, too quickly. I’ll rein back.

Benefits are the crucial facts needed to win any sale.

Marvellous Marketing Spotter’s Guide: KeepCup

Marvellous Marketing Spotter’s Guide: KeepCup

Time for me to bring you another Spotter’s guide. As usual, I wasn’t expecting to find inspiration when I bought this item. I didn’t realise I needed this product until I found it. And, now I think about it, I realise that most of my other Spotter’s Guides have that in common.

Perhaps when the marketing is this good, I can’t help myself but make a purchase? I guess that’s the point.

What are key messages? Why do I need them?

What are key messages? Why do I need them?

What are Key Messages?

Like it or not, we are all giving off subtle and not-so subtle messages all the time. We do this with and without speaking.

My top three are:

“I don’t like that!” (raised eyebrow, hard stare)
“I LOVE this person!” (repeated hugging, silly giggle), and
“These aren’t the droids/avocados I’m looking for.” (small shake of the head).
Often these are unintentionally given. My friends and family tell me to never play poker. Whatever I’m thinking is usually written all over my face.

As a business, you use a set of messages to communicate with your prospects and customers