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The Marketing Audit

We’ll show you where your marketing is already fabulous, and where it needs an extra polish. 

You’ve spent hours, days, and £££s setting up your marketing.
You’ve got a blog, a website, a flyer, a lead magnet, some emails, some social media…
You’re working hard on marketing your business to stand out and attract clients.


It’s not delivering for you. And, you don’t have a clue why.
Maybe some bits are working great, and some other bits are just not quite right.
You know you need to tweak some bits, but which bits? Where should you spend your money and time to get the best results?

It doesn’t have to be so confusing

We can review your marketing and pinpoint exactly where you need to make changes to get your target audience responding the way you want them to.  

They have the expertise and insight, which means I come away with exactly what I needed! They tailor their advice to what I need rather than a one size fits all approach.

Kate Horwood

Kate Horwood Coaching & Consulting

Book now, and we’ll review any of the following focus areas*:

  • One of your social media pages (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter (Not TikTok, we’re not cool enough))
  • Your website home page and services page content
  • A sales page
  • A sales leaflet, brochure, flyer or pdf
  • A lead magnet and landing page
  • Your newsletter, sales email, or email nurturing sequence

*You can of course (of course!) book more than one, but our fee is £147 per focus area.

Between us, we’ve created marketing programmes for well over 100 service-based businesses. So we know what works well, and what needs fixing. 

We’ll analyse your chosen marketing area and send you a video report of our findings so you can quickly make the changes we recommend and start getting the results you want from your marketing.

The Investment £147 per focus area