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The Marketing Audit

If you’ve tried heaps of different marketing activities, but they aren’t delivering the results you want, perhaps it’s time to get a second opinion. The Marketing Audit is a detailed review of your marketing, with our feedback on where to focus, how to improve what you have, and what to drop altogether so that marketing works better for your business.

It’s no secret that marketing can be overwhelming, time consuming and sometimes disappointing. When you’ve spent ALL the evening and weekend hours creating web pages, social media posts, articles and emails, but you don’t get the results you want, it can drive you mad. Not to mention the fact that the time you’ve spent on marketing could have been used for client work to generate revenue, or relaxing with your family.

Tried all the things but none of them seem to work?

You might be surprised to hear that, in our opinion, the answer for business owners doing their own marketing on a limited budget is to drop some of the activities they are slaving away at. That’s right. Eliminate them completely. Instead we’d like you to focus on just a handful of things, and do them more consistently and effectively.

We can help you figure out which handful of things will work best for your business, and put systems in place to help you make them happen more consistently, with better results. 

In our Marketing Audit we analyse the marketing you’re already doing – on your website, social media channels, newsletter, sales emails, advertising campaigns and printed materials. We use your marketing history to create a plan for a much simpler future.

What is it? 

Our expert eyes on your marketing materials and the data that google analytics or social media insights is generating about your business, and our our intuition, based on over 50 years in the business. We use these to work out why your website, social media or sales materials aren’t doing a good enough job for your business, and create a written report of the simple steps you can take to improve them, fast.

What you get from The Marketing Audit:

  • Our report of which marketing activities we think are most likely to bring in clients for your business, and which ones you should stop doing immediately. (Hooray! Get your weekends back!)
  • A prioritised list of the tweaks we recommend you make to your existing content and campaigns so that they start to work better for you.
  • The additional steps you should follow to make sure that the time you’re putting into marketing really delivers results.


As a small business that was big enough to need some serious marketing, it was important to find someone we could trust to tell us what we should be doing and then make it happen. From the outset The Marketing Architect ticked all the boxes and were a pleasure to work with.

Chris Wigglesworth


Here’s how it works:

  1. You supply us with your website address, social media handles, marketing funnels, give us access to your analytics, and/or materials you’ve been using over the last six months.
  2. You also complete our questionnaire so that we can find out more about your business.
  3. We’ll have a kick-off chat about your business, so you can share any further information we might need.
  4. We’ll use our knowledge and experience to audit your marketing, and review whether you are doing the right marketing activities for your business, and if you are, where they could be improved. If there’s something that isn’t working, this is how we’ll find it.
  5. We’ll develop a simple, focused framework for a marketing system, tailored to your business, which includes only a few marketing activities that all work together in harmony. And, our recommendations for putting that system in place.
  6. We’ll also create a ‘tweaks’ list of areas where you could make small changes to improve what you already have.
  7. We’ll get together for a Zoom follow-up to talk you through our suggestions, and give you the chance to ask your questions about our recommendations.

Your investment:

Declutter your marketing so you can focus on the activities that WILL bring in new clients, book your Marketing Audit now!