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The Illumination Lab

You’ll only find and convert prospects into clients when you can confidently describe what’s special and different about your business.

In this private workshop we will help you to uncover the magic in your business, develop a profile of your target market and create powerful, engaging messages to attract new clients.

When you don’t have total clarity on exactly who your target market really is, and the benefits that they want to achieve by buying your service, your marketing will be muddled and you might waste a lot of money marketing to the wrong people.

This service will give you total clarity about who your ideal target market is, how you are positioned against your competition, and allow us to identify the messages you should use to help them decide to buy from you. Together we’ll figure out the psychology and situation of your ideal client. Having this nailed doesn’t mean that you will then reject other types of clients, but it helps to target your marketing and position the business correctly to attract the golden ones.

Then we’ll deliver two documents (we call them ‘Blueprints’) that you (or we!) can use to develop your marketing strategy or create marketing materials. When we have these Blueprints creating high value content is a doddle, and figuring out where and how to attract prospects is more straightforward and accurate, so that you don’t waste money on marketing that targets the wrong audience.

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Your investment:
Starts from £395*

*The price will vary depending on the complexity of your business.



  • This service is invoiced in total, in advance of our first session.
  • The invoice is payable within 14 days.

Need help understanding how to communicate the wonderful things about your business?

Find out how we can illuminate the best bits of your business so that you stand out from the crowd!

The Marketing Architect helped us to fully understand our business concept, values, target audience, messaging and unique selling points.

I have learned that this is such an important part of the process that many people don’t explore. When you start delving deep in to the whys and wherefores you actually end up with a slightly different yet better business concept.

I really wasn’t sure if this process was needed however looking back it has given me a crystal clear brief to give to my brand manager who can now process the best branding, logos and messaging for my business.

The process was really simple, quick and thought provoking. Now, we feel confident that we can adopt the best branding for the business, ensure the right messaging is going out and even more importantly be targeting the right people.

Going through this process has helped my business to get on its feet with no grey areas, ensuring we are not wasting our time marketing to the wrong people in the wrong way. I’m super confident that by undertaking this workshop with Marketing Architect we are now marketing to the right people in the right way. I feel like a weight has been lifted and I have a very clear marketing path ahead.

Becky Sharp

Owner, Secs On The Beach Ltd

Plans & Priorities