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The PowerHour

When you need just a teeny bit of on-the-spot help, or quick fire marketing advice to move you forward, a PowerHour is ideal. These ‘mini-brainstorming sessions’ are for ad-hoc help with a specific challenge.

Book a PowerHour for a quick blast of marketing expertise whether you need ideas for promoting an event, increasing instagram followers, creating a newsletter, drafting a sales page, or any other tricky, marketing task that’s keeping you stuck.

Marketing not getting you all the clients, leads or business you want?

Need some marketing advice to work out which techniques are working for you, which activities to prioritise or how to improve your results? 

Need help to define the steps in your action plan?

It’s always a good idea to go back to the drawing board and review your progress on a regular basis.

  • Perhaps you need to sanity check your marketing strategy idea or the help to figure out why something isn’t working for your business.
  • Maybe you have a marketing task on your plate that you can’t get around to, you need someone to talk it through with, review what you’ve got so far and plan the next steps.

Never fear, because the Marketing PowerHour is here.

What is it?

It’s one hour, via Zoom, to clarify your thinking, make decisions in a supported environment and ask as many questions as you like!

I have worked with Pip and Sian on a few projects for my business so far; identifying my core audience, my instagram strategy and some copywriting. I feel as though they always ‘get’ exactly what I want and they have the expertise and insight, which means I come away from our online sessions with exactly what I needed! They tailor their advice to what I need rather than a one size fits all approach. I highly recommend their services and I am looking forward to working with them again in the future!
Kate Horwood

Kate Horwood Coaching & Consulting

Here’s what’s included:

  1. A no-strings-attached, practical, one-hour session packed full of personalised marketing advice with both of us.
  2. The benefit of our too-many-to count years of experience to help you map out your marketing strategy, develop an action plan or evaluate how to improve what you already have.
  3. Verbal, easy-to-implement feedback on your problem area. It won’t be a regurgitation of a load of marketing theory or one-size fits all cookie cutter solutions. Our advice will be tailored for your business and your audience.
  4. A recording of the call, in case you want to review any of our advice. And, if you work better with someone checking in on you, we can even follow-up two weeks later to keep you accountable.
  5. A huge sigh of relief because you know how to move forward and precisely which steps to take next.

We’re only human, occasionally there’s a really challenging question we can’t  answer on the spot. If that happens we’ll do some research after the call, and come back to you with the best solution.

Your investment:
£175 per PowerHour

If you need inspiration, or some good advice, book your PowerHour here now!