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Marketing Foundations

A complete review and makeover of your marketing foundations, the baseline components of your marketing system. Feeling website shame? Need a new brand identity? No marketing funnel? No problem, let us fix that for you.

If you want to attract and convert prospects into paying customers (and who doesn’t?), you need a fail proof infrastructure that supports your marketing plan.

This is the third phase in our signature process. During this phase, we go to work on fixing the components of your marketing system that aren’t working hard enough for your business and installing any pieces that are missing altogether.

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Here’s what’s included:

The things that we typically improve or create for our customers in this phase are:

  1. The design and/or copywriting on your website.
  2. Creation or improvement of cornerstone content and lead magnets.
  3. Design and implementation of a marketing funnel.
  4. Creation and installation of a new brand identity.
  5. Development of new sales tools and marketing collateral, such as flyers, brochures, business cards.
  6. Creation of a content plan and editorial calendar.
  7. Optimisation and improvement of social media pages and development of posting guides and schedules to keep you active online.

Been planning to create or fix one of these elements of your marketing system for a good long while? Why not let us take over? Having us on board means that projects don’t stutter or grind to a halt when your business gets busy. And, our broad experience of creating marketing materials and systems for service-based businesses means that we can make recommendations that get results.

Need help to get your marketing foundations just right?

Find out how we can help you improve your foundations and attract more of the clients you love.

As a small business that was big enough to need some serious marketing, it was important to find someone we could trust to tell us what we should be doing and then make it happen. From the outset, Pip and her team at The Marketing Architect ticked all the boxes and were a pleasure to work with. I particularly liked the way Pip was able to bring in other specialists as needed, and also how (in the nicest possible way) she held us to account for things that we needed to do ourselves to ensure that our marketing objectives were achieved.

Chris Wigglesworth


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