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Keep on Running

To keep the marketing show on the road, you can choose from two options.

If you would prefer to outsource day-to-day management of your marketing, we can handle it on your behalf (see Full Service below). Or, where budget is an issue, or if you just prefer to handle it yourself, we are available as your ‘virtual marketing director’ (Got Your Back, below) to keep you focused and on track.

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If you are simply too busy to add ‘Head of Marketing’ to the list of roles you already do, let us take the strain.

We can manage the day-to-day rollout of your marketing plan for you. Following the agreed marketing strategy, we’ll keep things on track, managing the budget, to-do list and team members so that marketing never slides off the agenda, and things keep moving and improving all the time.

We charge an ‘all in’ 25% account management fee for project managing marketing on your behalf (our minimum fee is £300 per month). This fee covers the time and expertise it takes to juggling multiple projects, keeping tabs on the specialists creating content, and providing first feedback on content and copy to make sure that everything is already done to a high standard before you even have to look at it.

Put your marketing in the hands of the experts – save yourself a barrel of stress, spend less time on emails and calls, and get a better result, faster.

If you prefer to manage the day-to-day marketing of your business in-house, but would like the security of having two experienced marketeers keeping an eye on what’s happening, this is for you.

Once we’ve worked with you to get the fundamental components of your marketing system right, and set our measurements in place, you’ll be in a great place to follow our marketing strategy under your own steam.

We can act as a sounding board, to coach in-house staff, feedback on ideas or new materials, review results and tweak the plan as necessary.


The scheme includes:
  • Monthly strategy review meetings (we’ll do them on Zoom). We’ll check your progress against the plan to maintain momentum, brainstorm ideas, keep everything on track and tweak the strategy if necessary. These sessions are also your opportunity for us to review and feedback on marketing materials you have created or anything you are getting ready to launch. Get ready to feel confident about your marketing.
  • A direct line to us both for quick answers to any marketing conundrums that crop up between meetings. We’ll add you to our Voxer account – it’s the 21st century BatPhone!
  • If you need specialist help, we can share our little black book with you. When you need a referral, whether to a graphic designer, copywriter, technical expert or photographer, for example, we’ll introduce you to 2 to 3 experts from our extensive network and help you to brief them so that you get great results first time.

Need help to keep day to day marketing running?

Find out how we can help get your marketing system right so that marketing becomes easy!

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