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Clear & Concise Content Plan

Imagine 6 months’ worth of drool-worthy content that has your dream clients banging on the door to work with you.

Nothing worse than a blank page is there? What is it about looking at that blinking cursor that makes your creativity wither faster than lettuce in a heatwave? Do you want to stop worrying about what to write for your next blog post? Are you struggling to create content that attracts your dream client?

You already know that posting on social media and creating content that paints your services in the best possible light to get your business noticed are important. But, whether you’re drawing a blank on which content to create, or paralysed by the idea of HOW MUCH content is needed just to make a tiny splash, we’re here to help.

Imagine having a bespoke, easy to follow content plan for the next six months so that planning and creating content for your business becomes fun and easy (we do ours over lunch!)

Here’s what we’ll do:

  1. We’ll kick off with a one hour, brainstorming session (online) to find out more about your business and your target market.
  2. We’ll review your existing content and create a bespoke Clear and Concise Content Plan for your business.
  3. The Clear & Concise Content Plan includes:

        > Our recommendations on the best marketing channels and platforms for your business – so you know where you should be sharing content.
        > The content pillars you should use in your business – so you know which topics to cover.
        > Our guidelines on the best posting frequency for your business – so you know how much content you need to create.
        > A baseline posting schedule suitable for your business – so you know when to post.
        > 50 social media post topic prompts, including ideas tailored to your business so it’s super easy for you to create social posts, and get off to a flying start.
        > 3 ideas for lead magnets that will be irresistible to your target audience.
        > Our email nurturing sequence framework that you can adapt to your own business.
        > 5 cornerstone content ideas for blogging or video to get you started or rebooted.
        > Our editorial calendar template so you can keep a track of it all.
  4. All of this will be hosted in our secure client portal so that you have easy instant access and it never gets lost in your emails.

It’ll take us up to 10 working days from the time of booking to get your Clear & Concise Content Plan ready for you to start using, so you could get your content strategy off the ground, and start building an engaged audience for your business, in under a month! Wilted lettuce, be gone.

The investment:

Sounds good? You can either book this service by clicking the button below now, or book a chat with us to find out more first.