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For small business owners who want a simple, straightforward, KICK-ASS marketing action plan

So, you’ve got a good idea – a brilliant business idea.

It’s either brand new, or something you’ve been working on for a while but you aren’t attracting the clients you want yet.

And now you’re stuck – stuck with the marketing.

You know that you need the clarity of knowing EXACTLY who your ideal client is, and what he or she is looking for.

You want to know how to describe what you’re selling in a way that will connect with your target clients, and get them as excited about your business as you are.

You long for the focus of being able to concentrate on a handful of truly effective marketing activities, instead of stopping and starting, putting hours of work in and still not really seeing the results that you want.

You are tired of going around in circles and unsure of how to make your business stand out in a busy market.

In short, you need a plan, pronto.

We are so glad you found us.

Friend, we are here to act as your personal sherpas, guiding you quickly and safely through the maze of marketing muddle, to the peak of perfection.

Build Your Own Marketing Plan is a quick turnaround service for start-up businesses and solopreneurs who find themselves in a marketing muddle, or just don’t know where to get started.

We have created dozens of marketing plans for all types of businesses.

They usually take around 6-8 weeks to complete. But this service is different – it’s a fast track for people who want to get their marketing on the move, quickly.

It’s our most cost-effective way to get you quickly from A (A being a ball of confusion) to B (a state of glorious clarity with a kick-ass action plan).

It takes just three weeks to get there – we’ve cut down the time it takes from six to three weeks by creating a step by step process that helps our clients to create their own simple marketing plan, following the simple templates in our wonderful workbook, guided by us, using the information and knowledge you already have about your business. Folks – we’re here to tell you it’s not rocket science, and you do NOT need a marketing degree to do this!

Here’s a breakdown of our process:

  • Step one

You complete some simple homework. No algebra, we promise! It actually involves gathering together the information you already know about exactly who your target customer will be, and who your competitors are.

  • Step two

– We meet to review the homework, create a Dream Client Profile together, and figure out the key messages that will attract him or her to your business. We’ll provide an easy-to-follow workbook for you to record everything from this meeting – all of the information, decisions and actions in a straightforward format (no jargon here!)

–  You have a little bit more homework to do in the week to come – we’ll ask you to give some thought to a few simple questions that will help to shape the brand for your business. Again – no surprise quizzes or technical jargon – just common sense questions and suggestions to help bring your brand to life.

  • Step three

– We meet again, a week later, to discuss brand direction, figure out the best marketing activities for your audience, and firm up your marketing budget. Again, we’ll bring our workbook, so that you have a set of organized notes and decisions to work from when you start taking action!

You will take home a short, sweet and oh-so practical Marketing Plan all ready to go. You’ll suddenly be feeling energised, confident, and crystal clear on the best actions for bringing clients to your business.


I first met Pip at a networking group, her knowledge and credibility made her the first person I thought of when I needed marketing support.

The process we went through to develop a marketing plan for my business was great. It was well thought out, insightful and delivered in a non-scary way!

We came up with lots of ideas for marketing my business. It helped me to develop confidence in my business idea, as well as generating a plan with a checklist of all the things I need to do to market my business properly.

I would highly recommend Build Your Own Marketing Plan to anyone looking for a thorough, professional, friendly service. Sian and Pip were incredibly interested in my business and I felt very supported. It was great value for money.

Charlotte Frank

Owner, SmartPA


Why have you launched this service?
We are on a mission to help businesses of all sizes get their marketing right, this service is more suitable for smaller businesses and start ups as we are facilitating decision making and helping you to create a simple plan for your own business.

We have found that small business owners are much more likely to put the plan into action if they have invested their own time and effort into developing it themselves.

What do I get as a result of this investment?
You will get clarity on any marketing decisions you’ve been stalling on, and a completed workbook, which includes an action plan so that you know exactly which steps you need to take and in which order, to get your marketing off the ground.
What sort of questions will I get clarity on?

We’ll be asking you questions that will help you to get clear on who your ideal customer is, what their needs are, how you help them to solve their problems, how you are different from your competitors, the types of messages that will resonate with this audience and the marketing activities that will help you to connect with them.

Where do the meetings take place?

If you don’t have a suitable office for the meetings we’ll find a meeting room and add the charge for this to the cost of the service. Travel time is included if the location is within West Sussex or Brighton. We charge a mileage fee for travelling further.

Can this be done over Skype?

We definitely prefer to conduct the meeting parts of this service in person, as we think it will get you a better result if we meet in person. However, if you live a VERY long way away, we are happy to have a chat about alternative arrangements for spending time together.

What if I don’t make good enough notes in the session and I can’t remember something?
We’ll record the sessions too and give you the recording so that you always have a record of what we said during the meetings.
What if I need help with more than just creating a plan?
Once you have developed your plan we can help you implement it, but we need the initial plan to work from first.
What if I want The Marketing Architect to write the plan for me?

With this service, the idea is that you complete the plan yourself, under our guidance, following our step-by step process. If you want a bespoke plan created by us for your business, you need our Design & Build service.

Can I bring other team members?

Yes of course! We are very happy to meet with you and other members of your team. It’s great to get input from other members of staff. We’d draw the line at anymore than three team members though – if the group is too large, we might not meet our our objectives for each session.

What do I do if I have more questions?

Contact us! You can either email or fill out the form below, with your question.

The Investment

Build Your Own Marketing Plan costs £795, this includes all of the resources, examples and expertise included in the workbook, plus our planning and meeting time.

Sounds good? Take the next step…

If you know this is right for you then complete this form and we’ll be in touch to organise payment of a £150 deposit and book the date for our first meeting.  If you have any questions just tick the box and we’ll arrange to call you to get them answered.

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No more marketing meltdowns, just an easy-to-follow plan of who to target, when and where, and the best tools for the job.

Pip and Sian are fantastic to work with. Their structured approach to designing a marketing plan is incredibly thorough. This experience has given me clarity and focus for my business idea, and the confidence to take it to the next level. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending The Marketing Architect. Thank you, ladies.

Annie Murray

Annie's Fuss Free Fitness

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