Bitesize, Cost-effective Marketing

When times get tough in business, it’s tempting to batten down the hatches and cut your marketing while you wait for the storm to pass.

But, studies have shown, time and again, that companies who continue to maintain a dialogue with customers and prospects during hard times are much more likely to survive the downturn. This is where our cost-effective marketing services can help.

Firstly, there is more ‘bandwidth’ to communicate when competitors are not doing so, and secondly, customers view your company more favourably when you continue to stay in touch with them, even if you can’t sell them anything (especially if you can’t sell them anything).

We know that these are really hard times for businesses, so we’ve come up with a range of super cost-effective marketing services – all ‘bitesize’, and available to be delivered online, in the shortest possible time frame, to help your business get through the tough times.

It’s really important to maintain your relationships with your customers and prospects, ensure that your message is up to date and appropriate for whatever is going on in the outside world, and, for some companies, capitalise on the opportunity to develop new services and bring in new customers, then keep them for the long haul.

Bitesize and cost-effective marketing

Where & How Strategy Plan

When you need a clear plan of which marketing activities to use for your business, and how to make them most effective.


The Business Protection Package

When you need support to reposition your business and maintain a baseline of communications to keep your customers and prospects warm.

The Pivoted for Growth Package

When business is booming and you want to turn temporary customers into long-term buyers with targeted, sensitive, cost-effective marketing communications.

Learn to Love LinkedIn

When you need to learn how to use LinkedIn effectively to build relationships with target customers and generate business.

The Who & What Online Workshop

When you need total clarity on who the ideal customer for your service is, and the messages you should use to convert prospects into customers.

The PowerHour

When you need on the spot advice about how to move forward with your marketing or handle a specific challenge.

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