Thank you to everyone who entered our competition, we had some fantastic entries ranging from Gok Wan being brought in to promote a local fashion boutique, to street marketing in a chic Parisian community. However, our winner was a bit of a no-brainer, not only was it a great campaign, the subject matter is very close to our hearts.

The winner of The Marvellous Marketing Spotter’s Guide 2019 is Honey Lansdowne (here’s her website in case you want to find out about Honey and her business).

Honey nominated an advertising campaign being carried out by Itch. Itch is a ‘pet wellbeing’ business – that’s a nice way of saying that they sell treatments for animal parasites. Itch is aiming to disrupt the pet care category by delivering pet treatments to your house direct, (cutting out the vets) on a subscription model.

It’s a great spot because the campaign is so clever, and eye-catching. Honey noticed it on the London Underground advertising boards, but as an ‘integrated campaign’ (which means a campaign rolled out in different ways across various media, at the same time) it was also running a video ad online, promoted via social media and on TV.

The success of this campaign comes from its humorous word play and the fact that it has tapped into two features which are particular to pet owners (the target market). 1) We love our pets but they can be very high-maintenance if a parasite party breaks out, and 2) pet owners feel part of a ‘team’ according to which breed or type of animal they own.

In the print ads we see close-up photography of a cat or dog from a particular breed, alongside a play on words about using Itch treatments, such as: ‘Flea treatment delivered straight to your Labradoor’ or ‘So long, fleas. You sons of Bichons’. This ‘series advertising’ (as opposed to all the adverts being the same) has a collectible nature. Much like Pokémon or cigarette cards – you want to spot them all. This helps to make the advert effective in terms of building brand awareness – by educating as many pet owners as possible about the existence of Itch. If you have a specific breed of dog, you are on the lookout for that specific advert, and noticing them all in the process.

In the TV ad, we see a pet dog and cat annoying their owners with unwanted ‘scratching’ – in this case, some serious DJ scratching by our cat, FleazyE. Their catchy but irritating performance serves as the perfect reminder for their owners to sort their flea treatment out.

You can see all the adverts here, we think you’ll agree they are furry clever! (See what we did!?)

Well done Honey, your prize is winging its way to you!