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It’s an odd thing being unique. You have to explain what you do A LOT. If you are a dentist or hairdresser you don’t have to do this. But, ‘marketing architect’ – not so many of us around. A bit like Manny the mammoth in Ice Age. I’m all on my own. A bit less hairy than him though, thankfully.

When people want to know what I do, I tell them I’m like an outsourced marketing manager. I do all the planning, thinking, creating, briefing creatives, project managing moving parts, managing budget, analysing data, and updating strategy to reflect the data, that you’d expect a marketing manager to do, but I do it for several different businesses at once.

Why am I called a marketing architect rather than a consultant? Well, it’s partly because I do the actual doing, rather than just telling my clients what to do.

Why am I called a marketing architect rather than an agency? Because I help my clients to put foundations in place first, such as: who their ideal client is, how to get to them, the messages that will help them to want to buy, rather than just creating whatever the client needs to do the job.

Why am I called a marketing architect at all? Well, it’s because I so fundamentally believe in the planning stage of the job. Just like a regular architect, I can’t just turn up in a field (market) with a load of bricks (content pieces) and start building. They might be the wrong kind of bricks. I don’t know how many rooms you need. I don’t know what kind of house you want, and I don’t know who is going to live in it, etc, etc.

I hope this analogy isn’t doing your head in. Hopefully you get the point.

Now, how would YOU know if you need a marketing architect to supercharge your marketing? Here are three dead giveaway signs:

  1. Chaos. Lots of it. You are busy running your business, trying to stay on top of multiple marketing activities, processing prospects through your sales process, managing your team etc. It’s too much to be honest, but you can’t afford to recruit a full-time marketing manager to take over.
  2. No marketing at all. Your business is going well; you have lots of customers already so you haven’t bothered to do any marketing. But, there are changes coming in your industry, or more competitors on the horizon and you know you are going to have to up your game. You don’t know which marketing activities will work best for your business.
  3. Despair. You hate your website, you don’t know what to say to your prospects, you don’t know what to write on your marketing collateral, everything needs an overhaul but you don’t know where to start and you are overwhelmed with all the decision-making required.

Here’s my plug: If you recognise yourself in these descriptions, obviously, I’d love to help you!

I take on the burden of deciding what needs to be done, setting up processes so that marketing campaigns and projects are constantly evolving and moving forward. If you’ve stalled before, hand it over to me. I’ll make sure things work for your business, meet the needs of your prospects and get finished.

But, if budget for getting help is an issue. Here are the steps I recommend to get organised:

  • Get totally clear on who your dream client is and the problems that you solve for them.
  • Research those individuals to work out where they hang out (you should be there too), who they take advice from (the influencers for your audience), how they operate when they are choosing who to buy from (match your sales process to their decision-making process).
  • Develop a set of messages that you want those people to hear about you and your business, the benefits of working with you and how you solve their problems.
  • Decide on three key marketing activities that you are going to undertake in order to reach your dream clients.
  • Schedule the time in your diary to make them happen.

Overwhelm hitting again? Schedule a free marketing review with me and I’ll help you to prioritise your key activities.

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