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Magnetic Marketing

A 2-month training programme that gives you the strategy, tools and support to master your marketing and drive business growth by:

  • Unlocking your unique marketing plan
  • Crafting magnetic messaging
  • Attracting the best clients for your business
  • All while avoiding cheap tricks and pushy tactics

Oh hi! We see you over there…

DIYing your marketing, figuring out your next step, keeping an eye on ALLTHETHINGS and second guessing yourself at every turn. 

Exhausting isn’t it?

It feels like you’re forever trapped in that chicken-and-egg cycle of what to do first.

One day you’re working on your website, the next you’re knee-deep in a social media strategy overhaul.

In fact, let’s be honest – you know marketing is the answer, but you’re still trying to work out the question. And to make things worse, every time you google ‘marketing for small business’ you’re met with more and more shiny new things to try.

You try them all out, and fail to keep momentum. Searching for the next great idea is taking up more time than getting to work on your marketing, and even though the newest fad always sounds like the magic wand you’re looking for…

…You’re still moving nowhere.

You’re searching for answers, and coming up with nothing.

Why is that?

Running a business is tough. Proper tough. You’re working full time (and then some) to keep everything going and somehow, you’re supposed to be a marketing guru at the same time.

Wait a minute…running your business AND marketing it. Isn’t that two full time jobs?

Yes it is.

And if you’re like the rest of our clients, you’re 100% on board with working hard.

You’ve always known that it was going to be full on, always known that it takes determination, resilience and good old-fashioned grit to get up and do it, day after day.

Working hard is NOT the problem

The problem is knowing where the heck you’re supposed to focus all that energy, determination and grit in the first place.

What’s the next right step?

What one thing can you do to take a step forward?

How about we give you all the answers right now?

You have a sneaking suspicion that if someone could get you kitted out with all the tools, maps and knowledge to really go for it – your business would fly.

But here’s the thing – 

  • You don’t need more hours in the day (you’re working enough of those) 
  • You don’t need more energy (you need more relaxation) 
  • You don’t need more online ideas, opinions and advice to trawl through (your poor eyes!)

What you need is knowledge, tools and real-life, professional support.

 Maybe a bit of practical, friendly guidance and useful resources chucked in to help you work out: 

  • What you really want for your business – so you can create a marketing plan to get you there 
  • What to say to attract the best customers to you and your services 
  • What to do at any given time to bring your target audience to your door. 

This isn’t your first time at the magic show, either…

This isn’t the first time you’ve looked for help with your marketing. 

But nobody seems to have the answers you’re looking for. You’re following the marketing experts on social, you’ve read the books (oh the hundreds of books), you’ve signed up to umpteen emails (90% of them are clogging your inbox right now) and you’ve probably even joined some online programmes (which you’ve never found time to complete). 


The thing is… 

There are just too many options out there, and not one of them is designed with you in mind. 

Don’t worry. We’re not sitting here trashing our competition.

We’re not knocking the books, the experts, the courses or the newsletters. We know how much work goes into them, we know that (most of them) come from a good place, designed to help people reach their goals. 

But the truth is, no matter how well intentioned, they’re not designed specifically for YOU are they? For your business, your audience, your industry. 

They’re a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all sticking plaster designed to give you one or two of the keys to market your way to success, but not the keys that actually fit your lock. 

Without having your own unique set of marketing keys, how will you ever get the success you need?

3 trade secrets for creating truly irresistible content
Woman struggling with marketing strategy

And that’s why you’re finding the world of marketing so damn hard. 

You don’t need any more knowledge. That brain of yours is stuffed full of knowledge already. 

You need guidance, and support to put what you learn into place for your own business. 

You need a real expert (maybe even two) cheering you on, giving you help where you need it, asking the right questions and keeping you accountable. All so you can take real action and see proper changes – right now. As soon as you put it in place. 

  • Not at the end of the next chapter. 
  • Not in the depths of a PDF. 
  • And definitely not after spending half your life’s savings on a coach who may-or-may-not deliver on their promises (no way to tell till you send the non-refundable deposit…)  

Let’s remember as a small business owner…

It’s nigh on impossible to find more than 2 minutes in your day to focus on anything other than keeping the plates spinning. 

Time to research and implement logical, strategic marketing plans and activities? Never going to happen. 


And that’s why you’re looking for a magic wand right now. 

How crazy is it that ‘magic’ seems like a more plausible idea than being able to figure this stuff out on your own?

Totally crazy! 

You don’t need a magic wand. What you need is a magnet. 

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a giant magnet that pulled all of the best and most effective marketing elements together, and left the pointless, expensive and unnecessary ones on the scrap heap? 

With a magnet like that you’d know exactly which bits to focus your energy and attention on, and have the confidence to ignore all the extra fluff (that just gets in the way of your goals). 


How good would it be to have an invisible forcefield?

Or what about if you could surround yourself with a powerful magnetic field that only brought the right people through your door (real or digital)? 

You know the kind of people we mean – the ones that are excited to work with you, people who value what you have to offer and (here’s the best bit) have the budget to pay for it.

You’d want those magnets, wouldn’t you? 

Alas, we’re not actually magnet manufacturers…

We’re Pip and Sian – and we help service-based business owners raise their profile and reach their business goals using time-tested, professional marketing activities.

Not a magic wand (or a real magnet) in sight. 

You’ve probably worked out by now that we’re not in the magnet business, we’re just milking the heck out of a metaphor. But, what we lack in real-life magnet creation, we more than make up for in our ability to turn your marketing on its head. 

For over ten years we’ve supported clients in their business growth goals. Our approach is straight talking and time-tested. We’re not interested in the latest fads, the newest shiny ideas or the cheap tricks that (you already know) are too good to be true. 

Our services are rooted in reality (not magic, sorry). We deal in data-driven, evidence-based strategies. In real techniques and activities designed to help real people understand more about: 

  • Creating a unique marketing plan, centred around real business goals
  • Crafting magnetic messaging and attracting new clients
  • Staying focused, and ignoring the blocks and distractions that interfere with success 

We demystify marketing so you can magnify your success. Real results in the real world, without the cheap tricks and tacky tactics. 


“Since working with Sian and Pip, I have completely changed the way I market my business. Before working with them, I didn’t have a plan for marketing, and wasn’t even sure if my business idea was any good, so I needed a lot of guidance. Together, we went through a process to develop a marketing plan that was easy to follow and well thought out. Sian and Pip are incredibly insightful and their support was delivered in a clear and non-scary way!

They helped generate lots of ideas for marketing my business, which gave me so much confidence around my business idea. Now I have a marketing plan – with easy to action checklist – to keep on top of my marketing activities. 
Sian and Pip were incredibly interested in my business and I felt very supported.
It was great value for money.”

Charlotte Frank

Owner, The Presentation Angel

The Magnetic Marketing Course – the last marketing course you’ll ever need to take

A two-month training programme that gives you the time-tested strategies and professional expertise to turn your business into a powerful client magnet (without the cheap tricks and ‘magic’ formulas). 

Perfect for coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs, trainers and service based professionals with big plans for growth (and a small budget for marketing). 

Attract the right clients, and grow a successful business with professional (and essential) marketing foundations. Create your own successful marketing formula, so you can stop second-guessing the ‘next right step’.

What you’ll learn

By the end of the programme, you’ll know exactly how to market your business – with a clear, tailored marketing plan – and what to say to pull the right people to you. 

Magnetic Marketing 

A 9-week group training programme to help you: 

    • Figure out what you want for your business – and shape a marketing plan to help you get there
    • Get clear on your messaging and value – so you know exactly what to say to attract the right clients to you
    • Know what steps you need to take to get the results you want – no more second-guessing or being distracted by the next shiny new thing. 


    Registering your interest doesn’t mean you’re committing to anything, you’ll just be kept in the loop. (You can also unsubscribe at any time – no hard feelings we promise!)

    3 trade secrets for creating truly irresistible content

    Not sure if this is the right next step for you? 

    No wonder! There are so many programmes and courses to join these days, it’s no surprise you’re not sure. 

    We totally get it (we’ve got the half-finished programmes on our hard-drive, too. We know all about it). But we’re not here to pressure you into making a decision, we’d rather help you make the right choice. 

    So how about doing this instead…

    We’re incredibly proud of Magnetic Marketing – so we’ll happily tell you it can help you with your business goals. 

    But, if you want to join the programme, without taking a risk – why not make use of our money back offer? 

    You don’t even have to decide if you’re with us for good. Take the first two weeks to get comfy and explore the good stuff, and then make the decision based on what you already know about Magnetic Marketing, instead of what you don’t know. 

    Mighty Magnets Mobilise!

    This is the part where we’re supposed to terrify you into booking a place for fear of missing your chance. 

    Hopefully, you know us well enough by now to know we don’t rely on tacky tactics. Why would we, when we are so confident about our training programme and the success it can bring you and your business?  

    We’d love you to  book your place because you’re excited to see results, rather than feel scared about missing an opportunity, so this might not be the thing for you if you’re not feeling a buzz from getting started. 


    What we'll cover...

    MODULE 1: First Things First

    Live Training – 28th September

    Learning Objective: By the end of this week, you’ll have a clear view of your business’s current position in relation to your closest competitors. Why does this matter? Because you need to know where you’re starting from, to successfully map a path to your destination. This module is about getting the foundations in place to carry on with confidence.  

    2 parts to this module:

    1. ‘You are here’ Sick of diving head first into the ‘next great thing’ without knowing if it’s right for your business? We’ll help you get really clear on your current situation, and how you’re doing so far.

    2. ‘The lie of the land’ Let’s look at what your competitors are doing. What are they missing? What gaps can you fill that they’re leaving open? Your competition leaves crumbs of intel everywhere for you to collect, we’ll show you how to assess your competitors and understand your positioning in relation to them.


    Module 2: Your Dream Client

    Live Training: 5th October

    Learning Objective: By the end of this week, you’ll know how to recognise your ideal client and understand what makes them tick, so you can use this information to start magnetising your business. 

    Every business needs to target a specific customer segment or segments – you can’t appeal to EVERYONE, and it’s far too exhausting when you try to! In this module, you’ll create your own Dream Client Blueprint so you can get really clear on who they are and how to market to them in a way that feels natural to you. 


    MODULE 3: You Do You

    Live Training: 12th October

    Learning ObjectiveGet clear on what makes your business unique and special, and how you can demonstrate that to your customers

    This module helps you with the concept of ‘differentiation’. Getting this nailed means you can rise above the noise and be seen by potential clients. We’ll define what makes you unique and different, so you can show them how great you are at what you do. 

    MODULE 4: Speaking The Lingo

    Live Training: 19th October

    Learning Objective: Let’s create a unique messaging framework – all the important and compelling messages about your business you need to connect with your dream client. 

    The output of this session is a tailored Messaging Blueprint that you can return to again and again to give you the words you need to connect with the target audience for your business. No more feeling lost for words!



    25th – 29th October – Half Term

    Have a week off, you’ve earned it! Or use this week to catch up on anything you’ve missed or would like to review again.


    MODULE 5: Let’s Go On A Journey

    Live Training: 2nd November

    Learning Objective: We’ll map out the journey a potential customer takes when they buy from you, so we can identify – and choose- the right marketing activities for your business.

    You’ll learn why the customer journey is essential to your marketing and how to use it to make your business magnetic. 

    We’ll cover simple plotting techniques to plan the journey for your audience, and give you strategies to choose how and where to market your business. 


    MODULE 6: Create a content strategy

    Live Training: 9th November

    Learning Objective: How to plan the types and frequency of content you need to capture the attention of your dream client. 

    If you’re fed up of wondering what to post (and then running out of inspiration before you post it, this is the module for you!  We’ll create an easy to implement content plan that’s perfect for your business goals. 


    MODULE 7: Measure twice, cut once

    Live Training: 16th November

    Learning Objective: Find out which things to measure, and how to measure them, to make sure your marketing is working for you.

    Successful marketing looks at past data to see what is (or isn’t) working. Business owners often ignore tracking and measuring because it seems complicated (or adds to the workload). In this module we’ll show you exactly how to do it in an easy and quick way. Having this information will give you the confidence to know that you’re doing the right things, and keep doing them! 


    MODULE 8: Roadmap for success (and graduation celebration!)

    Live Training: 23rd November

    Learning Objective: This is the week when it all comes together – your very own marketing plan built to make your business magnetic. And we’ve got some extra goodies to share with you this week to make your continued success even easier. 

    This week we’re pulling together all the pieces of the previous 7 weeks and creating your unique marketing plan for now and the future. Learn how to future proof your marketing so your business can face challenges and changes when they happen.

    We’ll also be celebrating the heck out of you, because let’s face it – you’ve worked so hard, it’s time to let off a little steam! Prizes, surprises and free resources to help you on your way. 



    I’m completely new to business – is this too advanced for me?

    Not at all. Magnetic Marketing is designed to give you the foundations you need to build a strong and effective marketing strategy. It doesn’t matter where you are on your journey, if you want to get real clarity on the marketing so you can create consistent income and attract wonderful clients, this is the thing for you.

    How much time do I need to commit to doing this programme?

    Magnetic Marketing is a weekly programme that combines weekly masterclasses with step-by-step activities to implement your learning (and see positive changes straight away). Each week there are optional Clarity Clinics so you can speak to the experts and get guidance on your own business and marketing challenges. 

    If you turn up for the training, attend the Q&A sessions and implement the tasks, you’ll see real results quickly.

    We advise dedicating 2 hours minimum per week (if that feels too much, break it into 30 minute chunks). Of course, the more you do, the better the results. 


    I’m not an online business – will Magnetic Marketing work for me?

    Yes – Magnetic Marketing is for any service-based business provider. The foundations work for online businesses as well as bricks and mortar. 

    How long will I have access to the materials after the training programme is finished?

    You’ll have lifetime access to the course. That’s our lifetime, not yours though, we can’t be responsible for what our crazy families do with this business after we’ve gone (queue violins). 


    What if it’s not right for me?

    We’re all about helping you to work out what IS right for you. All we ask is that you explore the materials and turn up for our first training session. If you decide it’s not the right programme for you after that, we’ll give you a 100% refund. 



    I’ve tried other marketing programmes and courses and nothing seems to work. How will I know this is right?

    It’s frustrating when you invest time and money into programmes that don’t give you the results you’re after. We’ve worked with business owners like you for over 10 years, helping them transform their business by attracting excellent clients to them, selling their offers and feeling confident – and clear – on their marketing. Magnetic Marketing is a combination of everything we do with our clients in a face-to-face setting, so we KNOW it gets results. 

    The training, implementing and group Q&A format of the training will really help steer you through the steps so you can get to the end with a strong and clear marketing plan. If you’re 100% committed to showing up and doing the work, we’re 100% committed to giving you the richest learning experience, professional expertise, and lots of opportunities to talk through your challenges and concerns.

    I can't attend the live training sessions, can I still do Magnetic Marketing?

    You’ll get the best results by attending as many of our live sessions in person as possible. But, they will all be recorded, so there’s no reason that you can’t catch up in your own time and ask any questions you have in the Facebook group for training programme members.

    Here’s the truth: 

    You want to run a successful business and attract brilliant clients through your door, but you can’t find a way through the confusion and overwhelm. 

    You understand that marketing can help, but you have no idea where to begin, and with so much conflicting advice out there it’s easier to do absolutely nothing, than it is to get started. 

    Be more magnetic

    The way you’ve tried it in the past hasn’t worked. The way you’re planning to do it in the future (probably) won’t work. 

    The Magnetic Marketing Course – the last marketing course you’ll ever need to take

    Let’s try it the magnetic way.

    Let us help you figure out exactly what you need your marketing to do (so you can achieve your business goals) 

    Let us take you through the essential marketing foundations, the pillars that all successful businesses are built upon – so you can attract great clients, and bring in consistent income. 

    Let us teach you how to apply them to your own business so you can create a marketing plan designed around you, your business and your goals (and never again suffer from the what should I do next? blues). 


    After years of bringing this success for our own clients, we’ve now broken the whole Magnetic Marketing process down – and we’re giving away all of our marketing secrets so you can become part of the Magnetic Marketing Movement. 

    Are you ready to get magnetic?