Marketing design and build

Design & Build 

This is for you if you need a marketing strategy that will underpin and support your next stage of growth, the help to turn the strategy into a real-life marketing campaign, and regular support for continued management of your marketing.

We’ll take you, step-by-step, through our signature marketing strategy development process. We’ll download as much information about your business from you as we can, conduct market and competitor research and evaluate the opportunities in your market. Then we will develop an effective marketing strategy, tailored for your business and based on your marketing budget.

When you’ve agreed the strategy, we’ll create a schedule of works, and based on your chosen monthly investment level, we’ll start to bring your plan to life.

We’ll work like a ‘virtual’ marketing team for your business:

  • Setting objectives (so we are all clear on what we are trying to achieve).
  • Developing a schedule of works (so that we know what we are doing and when).
  • Creating the resources and materials we need (to bring consistency in the look, feel and tone of your business communications).
  • Overseeing your budget (so you always know how much your marketing costs).
  • Project managing our virtual team (so that you don’t have to).
  • Hosting regular check-ins (to update you and get your feedback).
  • Measuring and reporting back on pre-agreed key performance indicators for your marketing plan (so that you can easily evaluate the ROI on your marketing investment).

How does it work?

There are two stages to The Design & Build process:

Stage 1 – The Design – 5-6 weeks to research and create the marketing plan.

Stage 2 – The Build – where we help you bring the Design to life.

Stage 1 – The Design
To create a successful marketing plan we need to get lots of information from you, and do lots of research. We’ll need to establish exactly who your target customers are and the problems that you can solve for them. We’ll also need to find out what your competitors are saying about their services, what your past customers think of you, and the marketing activities that are available in your market.

It will take us 5-6 weeks to research and create the marketing strategy.

Once it’s finished, we’ll deliver:

  • A detailed marketing strategy– our observations on your business, your customer story, positioning, brand values, influencers, marketing objectives, customer journey and a list of activities to meet the objectives. This will be the plan we work from at the build stage. It’s a working document including everything you need to put an effective marketing system in place.
  • A Key Message Hierarchy – it’s critical to have this in order to create compelling marketing copy. It will outline all of the foundational messages that you need to communicate to customers, so they will understand what you are offering and how it helps them. Once you have this, you’ll be able to refer back to it whenever you create content for your business as a checklist of what to include.
  • Competitor analysis– the marketing and messaging that’s being put out there by your competitors. So you can clearly see your position in the market.
  • Market research overview– feedback from a series of interviews to  find out what your customers really think of you and the way that you provide your service.

Stage 2 – The Build

This is where we help you to bring the marketing strategy to life.

We’ll use our schedule of works and the agreed marketing budget to start working through the focus areas in the marketing strategy that we have agreed.

The rate at which we work will depend on how much you want to invest in your marketing each month. If there are pieces of work that we can’t do ourselves (these tend to be specialist activities such as graphic design, or SEO), we’ll bring in an expert partner from our tried and trusted network to take on this part of the task. We’ll agree the cost with you and manage the process on your behalf.

Every month we’ll host a check-in with you to review the progress so far, and agree the upcoming work and expenditure. We’ll also start monitoring a set of key marketing statistics (we call this the ‘Dashboard) that we’ll use to report back on the areas in which we are getting good results, and where things might need to be tweaked. The dashboard is your ROI tracker.

With us on board, you can focus on running your business and delivering to your clients, while we kick-start your marketing, apply our experience and expertise to your business, and make sure that everything stays on track.

Your communications will be consistent and organised, giving you more time to serve your customers. You’ll start to see a more regular stream of prospects who understand your business, are engaged with your brand, and ready to buy.


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