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Our Clients

We have worked with a wide range of service-based clients. Our clients range from small businesses who don’t currently have an in-house marketing manager and need someone to take care of their marketing on a daily basis, to solopreneurs and fledgling businesses that need help to figure out the best approach to building revenue in their business.

Here’s what they have to say about us…

The Marketing Architect team has been looking after our social media channels for some time now, and we feel our channels are in very safe hands.

With such an iconic and globally-known brand, it’s vital that our business is always presented in a professional and consistent manner across all channels, and we’ve been delighted with the way The Marketing Architect achieves this with our social media presence.

We were also delighted with the social media training The Marketing Architect delivered to our team, and more recently, with the design and development work they carried out to produce a suite of document templates which has helped to elevate the presentation of our external documentation to the next level, in keeping with our brand values.

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend The Marketing Architect to other businesses in need of strategic marketing support.

Services provided: Social media management, social media training, document design and template build

Jimmy Demetriou

Director & General Manager at JSRE 30 St Mary Axe Management Ltd, 30 St. Mary Axe - The Gherkin

If you are an SME and considering using an external agency then you really must think carefully about The Marketing Architect.

I love these guys! I knew that I wanted to rebrand and had decided on the focus of my new business (coaching senior leaders to improve their presenting). However there were many parts of the jigsaw I was missing. Pip and Sian listened really carefully to me and offered me the help I needed to get clearer about my new brand and business focus.

I am in the middle of rebranding now and really enjoying the ride. I have been involved in running my own businesses for 20 years. I know a few things about selling but am no expert in marketing. They have educated me, cajoled me, challenged me, introduced me to the right people, and always with a supportive and creative adult to adult mind-set. I feel very privileged to be working with Pip, Sian and the rest of the team. Their guidance, optimism, action orientated focus and openness have been and are so important to me as an SME looking to retain work, win new clients and spread the word.

I wholeheartedly recommend the team to anyone thinking of using marketing professionals. Professionals come in all shapes and sizes – these guys are the real deal. I was delighted to offer a written testimonial and if anyone wants to contact me directly to find out more, then drop me a line. They feel part of my team and they deserve their great reputation as the go to marketeers for SMEs who want to get ahead.

Services provided: The Illumination Lab, Plans & Priorities, social media management, rebrand, website rebuild, lead magnet installation, newsletter development

Jeremy Cassell

Owner, Jeremy Cassell Coaching

Having The Marketing Architect on board to support our internal team has allowed us to meet our business objectives far more quickly than we would have done without their support. They deliver on time, every time and the work is of a consistently high standard. The guidance that they have provided for setting the marketing strategy for the business has been first rate, and they are available as a sounding board for me, frequently providing insightful advice or proactively making suggestions. We wouldn’t be without them.

Read our story about the work that we have done with Fargro here.

Services provided: The Illumination Lab, Plans & Priorities, copywriting of brochures, sales emails, blog posts and press releases, Learn to Love LinkedIn training

Melanie Wood

Marketing Manager, Fargro Ltd

We recently hired The Marketing Architect to develop a marketing strategy for our bookkeeping and accounting business. We were keen to work with the team because of their unique approach and broad depth of experience. We were initially concerned that they hadn’t had any accounting clients before us, but the detailed research they undertook to develop the strategy meant this was no longer an issue.

Before we worked with The Marketing Architect, we knew we needed to invest in marketing, but we weren’t sure which would be the most effective activities for our business. Now that Sian & Pip have considered all the options for us and delivered our marketing strategy, the confusion and overwhelm are gone. We have a prioritised action plan of how to move forward and a focused vision for what we are trying to achieve.

Sian & Pip are both great to work with!

Services provided:  The Illumination Lab, Plans & Priorities

Ellie Cooper

Owner, Cooper Financials Ltd

I have worked with Pip and Sian on a few projects for my business so far; identifying my core audience, my Instagram strategy and some copywriting. I feel as though they always ‘get’ exactly what I want and they have the expertise and insight, which means I come away from our online sessions with exactly what I needed! They tailor their advice to what I need rather than a one size fits all approach. I highly recommend their services and I am looking forward to working with them again in the future!

Services provided: The Illumination Lab, Marketing PowerHour, social media training.

Kate Horwood

Founder, Kate Horwood Coaching & Consulting

I needed the help of The Marketing Architect when I was working on a new website for my business. They were recommended and I had a very good first impression when I talked to them. They were professional, enthusiastic to work with me and took the time to understand my business.

The fee seemed high, but having worked with other marketing people, and being unhappy with their work, it was totally worth the money! Sian & Pip showed extreme professionalism and were very fast in responding to emails, they were generous with their time and sometimes frank in their opinions but never left me feeling that my opinion didn’t matter.

They are by far the most professional team I have worked with lately.

Thank you for your hands-on help and advice. I now have two amazing blueprints I can share with anybody who needs a thorough understanding of my business, and I have fantastic copy for my website. You also gave me insight into how to think like a “marketer” which is going to be very valuable in the future. You know your stuff and you have experience and knowledge some younger, less experienced marketers don’t have.

Services provided: The Illumination Lab, Foundation Fix

Katarina Stoltz

Owner, Katarina Stoltz Life Coaching

As a small business, Equilytics needed assistance with focusing our client marketing strategy. We initially spent a day with Pip where she provided her experience and creativity to refine our strategy and enable us to focus on our core message. We then worked with The Marketing Architect remotely, in the production of a marketing brochure that we now actively use when speaking with prospective clients.

The resulting benefits to Equilytics have been a professional marketing brochure to showcase our product and enable our sales process, alongside providing clarity on our target audience.

Services provided:  The Illumination Lab, Plans & Priorities, copywriting of brochure, and copywriting of web copy

Simon Lucas

Co-Founder, Equilytics Ltd

As a small business that was big enough to need some serious marketing, it was important to find someone we could trust to tell us what we should be doing and then make it happen. From the outset, Pip and her team at The Marketing Architect ticked all the boxes and were a pleasure to work with. I particularly liked the way Pip was able to bring in other specialists as needed, and also how (in the nicest possible way) she held us to account for things that we needed to do ourselves to ensure that our marketing objectives were achieved.

Services provided:  The Illumination Lab, Plans & Priorities, social media management, website rebuild, copywriting, Foundation Fix, Keep On Running.

Chris Wigglesworth

CEO, Coursecheck Ltd

The Marketing Architect helped us to fully understand our business concept, values, target audience, messaging and unique selling points. I have learned that this is such an important part of the process that many people don’t explore. When you start delving deep in to the whys and wherefores you actually end up with a slightly different yet better business concept.
I really wasn’t sure if this process was needed however looking back it has given me a crystal clear brief to give to my brand manager who can now process the best branding, logos and messaging for my business.

The process was really simple, quick and thought provoking. Now, we feel confident that we can adopt the best branding for the business, ensure the right messaging is going out and even more importantly be targeting the right people.

Going through this process has helped my business to get on its feet with no grey areas, ensuring we are not wasting our time marketing to the wrong people in the wrong way. I’m super confident that by undertaking this workshop with Marketing Architect we are now marketing to the right people in the right way. I feel like a weight has been lifted and I have a very clear marketing path ahead.

Services provided:  The Illumination Lab

Becky Sharp

Owner, Secs On The Beach Ltd

“Working with Pip and Sian from the Marketing Architect was a breath of fresh air. They understood immediately what we needed from our social media and many of the small tweaks and tricks they recommended added instant and substantial value.

We gained confidence from their simple, no-nonsense guidelines, helping us to compose our own objectives and appreciate where our time is best invested. Most importantly, we now understand what Facebook and LinkedIn want from us and align our content to synchronise with this rather than work against it, taking control of our social media and achieving far greater engagement.

Professional, sharp and concise, The Marketing Architect are perfectly placed to help SMEs punch above their weight on essential social media platforms.”

Services provided: Facebook training, Learn to Love LinkedIn training

Emma Osman

Managing Director, Spinfish Publishing

Having spent 40 years in a profession that had nothing to do with marketing, when it came to starting my own business and creating copy for fliers and a website, I quickly discovered how unskilled I was at such things. Thankfully, I was put in touch with Pip at the Marketing Architect!

I was very impressed with her knowledge and skill – she took my musings and ramblings and made them into great publicity material. With her experience and expertise, she was able to steer me away from all the pitfalls and suggest ideas which I would never have thought of. More than this, she made the whole process enjoyable. She is easy to get on with, quickly establishes a professional rapport and is skilled at guiding you through the process.

Her company is efficient and business-like, with prompt replies to emails, openness to last-minute changes and easy invoicing. I recommend Pip and the Marketing Architect very highly.

Services provided: The Illumination Lab, copywriting of website pages and flyer.

Siobhan C V Denning

Owner, Chanctonbury Ltd

I first met Pip at a networking group, her knowledge and credibility made her the first person I thought of when I needed marketing support.

The process we went through to develop a marketing plan for my business was great. It was well thought out, insightful and delivered in a non-scary way!

We came up with lots of ideas for marketing my business. It helped me to develop confidence in my business idea, as well as generating a plan with a checklist of all the things I need to do to market my business properly.

I would highly recommend Build Your Own Marketing Plan [now called Who & What Mini-workshop, and Where & How Strategy plan] to anyone looking for a thorough, professional, friendly service. Sian and Pip were incredibly interested in my business and I felt very supported. It was great value for money.


Services provided: Who & What Online Workshop, Where & How Strategy Plan

Charlotte Frank

Owner, The Presentation Angel

The service has been brilliant. The Marketing Architect has helped me to understand who my perfect client is, opened my eyes to many different ways in which we can market to them.  All Pip’s work has been of the highest quality.

Read our story about the work that we have done with Amanda Shaw Solicitors here.

Services provided:  The Illumination Lab, Plans & Priorities, rebrand, website rebuild, lead magnet installation, copywriting of web pages, articles, blog posts, and sales content, Keep On Running

Amanda Shaw

Director, Amanda Shaw Solicitors

Pip and Sian are fantastic to work with. Their structured approach to designing a marketing plan is incredibly thorough. This experience has given me clarity and focus for my business idea, and the confidence to take it to the next level. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending The Marketing Architect. Thank you, ladies.

Services provided: The Illumination Lab, Plans & Priorities

Annie Murray

Annie's Fitness

The Marketing Architect worked with me as my marketing partner for approx. 8 or 9 months. I approached Pip for help with getting me started on marketing activities having previously not allocated any time or budget to marketing.

As a freelance consultant it was very important that the person I chose to work with was a good fit with me and my business and understood the dynamics of being a micro business. Pip worked in a similar way and it was apparent she completely understood the challenges faced by small businesses.

Pip listened to my thoughts and ideas, teased information out of me about my business, helped me understand who my customers are, refined my service offerings, wrote and proof read articles and website content, designed a lead magnet and client taster and prepared a marketing plan for my business, amongst many other things.

I would highly recommend Pip and her team, she has set me up with a marketing plan that I can follow and is always there if and when I need her advice/support.

Services provided: The Illumination Lab, Plans & Priorities, social media management, website rebuild, lead magnet installation, copywriting of blog posts, web pages and sales emails, Keep On Running.

Charlotte Allfrey

Owner, Metro HR

Before I started working with Pip I would regularly be found tearing my hair out over writing blog posts, content for my website and sales pages. They would take me days. I knew what I wanted to say but I couldn’t seem to write them in a way that was punchy, easy to read and most importantly effective.

I didn’t have a clue where to start with campaigns and now realise I had several holes in my potential clients’ journey with me.

Working with Pip is so easy. She checks that she has a thorough understanding of the brief, she always delivers on time and consistently gets it just right. My campaigns flow from start to completion and I have the peace of mind that everything is covered. Pip’s attention to detail is admirable.

I’ve been working with Pip for over 5 years and have never looked back.

Services provided: Copywriting of blog posts, sales pages and sales pages, social media management, Learn to Love LinkedIn training

Helen Reynolds

Owner, Helen Reynolds Style

Having never really had a marketing plan and doing things on a rather ad-hoc basis myself, it has been enlightening to work with Pip. She is highly knowledgeable and professional and I was immediately struck by how thorough she was in getting to know me, my business and my clients and in putting together a spot on and detailed marketing strategy.

Pip is a pleasure to work with and having her positive feedback about my brand and products, plus her inspired and original ideas to market them is very motivating. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting some clarity, encouragement and direction for their marketing. Thank you Pip, I’ll look forward to working with you more in the future.

Services provided: The Illumination Lab, Plans & Priorities

Judith Rayner

Owner, Walk & Talk 4 Business

We approached Pip Evan-Cook because we needed help in creating fresh content for our website. Pip has now been working with us for nearly a year and we would thoroughly recommend her services to anyone who needs to develop a voice for their business, identify key audiences and create effective communication, particularly on social media.

Pip became an extension of our team right from the start. One of her key strengths lies in the fact that she does her homework. Working collaboratively with her clients from the outset, she makes sure she understands how they ‘tick’ before embarking on delivering any advice or material.

Our relationship with Pip has continued to grow. With her expert writing skills, we are now able to publish fresh content in the form of news stories and blogs for our website on a regular basis. Being a small team of professionals delivering a very personal and sometimes demanding service, there are times when administrative tasks such as creating new material for our website could slip down the priority list. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, it is more important than ever to ensure that our website, an important communication tool in our marketing mix, is kept relevant and up to date on a regular basis. Without Pip’s contribution, we would not be able to do this.

Services provided: Copywriting of blog posts

Jane Gorard

Head of Service & Communication, Otus Live-in Care

Working with Pip has been nothing but AMAZING. She explains the social media world in a way that is simple, easy to understand and quick to implement right away. I used to think getting a grip on the complexities of social media was a lot like avalanche training the more you learn the more you realise how much more you still have to learn however, sitting with Pip for a few hours with keyboard close by, was hands on, informative, insightful, minimised my overwhelm and saved me loads of time.

Thanks Pip.

Services provided: Copywriting of sales pages and social media training

Sue Salamon

Owner, Sue Salamon Photography

I was in marketing information overload before I met Pip. You learn what you should be doing for your marketing, but not really how to do it and the way to do it to get the best results. Pip has been invaluable to my business over the past few months getting all my marketing up to speed, tweaking and changing existing things so that they work better and get the results I want; but also coming up with new ideas for us to implement. She really is an expert in what she does, so I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

Services provided:  The Illumination Lab, Plans & Priorities, copywriting of web pages, sales emails and pages, Keep On Running.

Rachel McGuinness

Owner, Wake Up With Zest

Pip was recommended to me when I struggled with the concept of creating a website. I didn’t really know what I wanted from Pip, but she made me feel at ease. We met and talked about what I wanted to achieve from the site, and how we could promote it, Pip teased out all the important information and put it into an easy to read marketing plan that I now go to for everything relating to the project. Pip obtained the information from me in such an effortless way and her research following this was fantastic, providing me with fresh inspiration. Her enthusiasm and ideas were so welcomed too. I am looking forward to implementing the plan and working with Pip in future.

Services provided:The Illumination Lab, Plans & Priorities

Alison Lindley

Owner, Lindley Safety Solutions