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The Project

The founder of Jeremy Cassell Coaching, Jeremy (Jes) approached us in October 2018. He had decided to launch a presentation coaching business; its target market would be ‘Magic Circle’ and ‘Silver Circle’ law firms and corporates. He needed help to define a brand for the company, turn that into a visual identity and develop a suite of sales and marketing materials.

The Process

Our first step was to help Jes to analyse the target market for his new service, the problems these individuals would be looking to resolve with his help, and the characteristics that they would value in a presentation coach.

Next we created a marketing plan to help him stand out in a sea of other presentation coaches, capture the attention of this audience and convert them into clients.

Then we were ready to roll our sleeves up and start building the foundations of a marketing system for the new company:

  • We engaged and briefed a graphic designer and worked with her on the creation of a logo and visual identity for the new company.
  • We project managed development of a new website, hired a copywriter to create the key pages and wrote the rest ourselves.
  • We worked with Jes on the development of a unique learning framework called The 12 Habits of Exceptional Speakers that we used as a platform for marketing the business.
  • We created marketing materials for the business, including business stationery, a leaflet outlining the 12 habits plus a matching bookmark, and a branded ‘lead magnet’ which we installed on the new website, backed up with a series of nurturing emails set to automatically arrive in recipients’ inboxes at regular intervals after they had downloaded the lead magnet.
  • We developed a brand for a monthly newsletter and created an email template for it. We then started to create the articles and other content pieces for this, and send it out to Jes’s audience once a month.
  • We took over Jes’s LinkedIn page and supplied curated content, branded graphics and videos to use there. We also coached Jes on how to manage his LinkedIn page when he was ready to take over responsibility for this himself.
  • We developed a direct mail campaign for his target audience; senior ‘Magic Circle’ lawyers.
  • We drafted a set of business case studies and had them designed into a set of stunning pdfs that Jes could easily share with potential clients.
  • We created a measurement system for the business so that we could track the results of our project.

The Results

Our project for Jeremy Cassell Coaching lasted from October 2018 to June 2020.

In that time we:

  • Increased LinkedIn follower numbers by 205%, from 1664 to 3420.
  • Increased LinkedIn monthly profile views from 213 to 719, an increase of 254%.
  • Increased monthly website page views from 390 to 2132, an increase of 447%.
  • Launched a monthly newsletter and grew the subscribers list to 258.

We concluded our work for Jes when his revenue had increased to the extent that he could hire an in-house team to take the company through the next stage of growth.

Here’s what Jes had to say about working with us:

“I have been absolutely delighted with these guys, they’ve been fantastic. They’ve helped me put a plan in place, and I’m the kind of person who just wouldn’t have a plan in place and they’ve pushed me to put in place specific processes that I just wouldn’t have otherwise. The results have been terrific. If you are thinking about using expert marketeers, don’t look any further than The Marketing Architect.”

Looking to build a new brand, rebuild your website or kick off a campaign to attract your target market? Get in touch, we can help. We’ll work side by side with you to create your vision, minimise the stress and input required from your side, leaving you to get on with running your business and delivering for your own clients.


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