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This is for growing businesses that don’t have enough in-house marketing expertise. You want to get your marketing campaigns done – and find new clients – but you don’t want marketing to distract you from the job of running your business.

We know that marketing campaign costs can quickly escalate when you work with an agency, so, we provide a range of packages with fixed prices, allowing you to control the cost of marketing your business, without having to dumb down your creativity, or hire more staff.

We’ll create a tailored marketing campaign that delivers fast results, to connect you with your ideal customers. We’ll do all the heavy lifting, taking masses of work off your shoulders, but report in regularly so that you can sign off on content,  you always know exactly what’s happening, and you have a clear view of the ROI of your marketing budget.

With us focused on your marketing, you can be sure that projects will be completed. No matter how busy your business gets, your marketing campaigns won’t go off track, or fail to launch.


How does it work?

Choose one of our 3 packages, depending on what you want to achieve.

Whichever package you chose, we’ll start the process with a 90-minute kick-off meeting, to set a clear objective for the project. The objective will be defined by your business objectives, it might be the number of visitors to your website, incoming leads, social media followers, or something else. Whatever we agree is best for your business. This objective will give us something specific to aim towards, and help you to determine whether you are getting a good ROI from your marketing investment.

This starter package is for you if you need to increase awareness of your business.

Pay a fixed fee per month, and we will deliver a campaign that helps to get your business known, and bring fresh new visitors to your website. This package includes the following marketing activities:

  • A kick-off strategy meeting to set the marketing objective, plan the content and develop a profile of your target customer (we call this a Dream Client Profile).
  • Draft and edit of one blog (per month) of around 800 words, written by one of our talented copywriters, we’ll also select a brand-appropriate image for each blog post and select and incorporate the most appropriate keyphrase, for SEO impact.
  • Create the copy, set up and send your monthly customer email or online newsletter, so that you can stay in regular touch with your audience.
  • Improve and optimise your two most important social media pages, so that they appeal to your dream client.
  • Five social media posts per week on up to two channels, so that you have a vibrant and engaging social media presence.
  • Creation of a results dashboard and regular reporting of progress, so you have a clear way to measure the ROI from your marketing spend.

Set-up fee: £495

Monthly investment: £695

This package is for you if you want to develop a marketing system that delivers brand awareness and brings new potential customers to your business.

The investment includes development of a campaign hook and strategy, for one specific audience, and tailored to your business. The campaign components fit together to form an integrated marketing campaign, where all the elements work together in harmony and quickly generate sales leads for your business.

Each campaign will run over 3 months, this includes one ‘development’ month, and two ‘active’ months, where the campaign is live.

Package includes:

  • A kick-off strategy meeting to download information about your business goals and services, set our marketing objective, and to develop a profile of your target customer (we call this a Dream Client Profile).
  • Research into your market and development of a unique theme and tailored strategy for your campaign.
  • Creation of the messages and branded visual elements required for the campaign.
  • Copywriting, graphic design and production of up to four pieces of content to support the campaign, this could include articles, case studies, blog posts, guides, direct mail pieces or pages for your website.
  • Creation of a lead magnet targeted as a value item for your ideal client, and a landing page for the campaign, to build your email list.
  • Development of email marketing content to promote the campaign, set up and send of up to five emails to your existing database*.
  • Social media support for the campaign – 5 posts per week on up to 2 social media channels (we’ll also optimise your pages first, so that they appeal to your target audience).
  • Content creation for a list building element. This could be a telemarketing, email prospecting or  online or print based advertising campaign, depending on your business.**
  • Tracking and reporting of campaign results, via a results dashboard so you can keep track of marketing ROI at all times.
  • Regular check-in meetings to report on our progress.

Investment for one three-month campaign: £4500

*Any contact databases used must be compliant with GDPR regulations.

**Fees for telemarketing or media placement of adverts, whether in print publications or online platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Google would be charged directly to you by the media outlet and be in addition to our campaign fee.

If you need a completely bespoke package of marketing support for your business, this is the one for you. We can scale up any of the brand awareness and lead generation activity from the other packages, or add in additional marketing activities, such as PR, more extensive advertising, telemarketing, direct mail and event management, as required.

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Whether you are in a marketing muddle, or you know what you want to achieve, but don’t have the time or expertise to get started, we can help.

Book your no-obligation, 30-minute consultation with us, we’ll help you to figure out the best approach to move your marketing forward, and give you more information about how we work. If there’s good chemistry between you and us, and we can provide what you are looking for, we'll send you a proposal and book a follow-up meeting to review it.

And, if we can’t help, we are bound to know someone who can!

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