Free Download: 8 Ways to Keep in Touch With Your Customers Even if You Can’t Sell To Them Right Now

How to make sure your customers don’t feel forgotten if you’re not in a position to sell anything, or have reduced sales at the moment.

When times get tough in business, it’s tempting to batten down the hatches and cut your marketing while you wait for the storm to pass.

But, studies have shown, time and again, that companies who continue to maintain a dialogue with customers and prospects during hard times are more likely to survive the downturn.

Firstly, there is more ‘bandwidth’ to communicate when competitors are not doing so, and secondly, customers view your company more favourably when you continue to stay in touch with them, even if you can’t sell them anything (especially if you can’t sell them anything!).

So if you can’t sell at the moment, what should you do instead?

Simple. Enter your name and email address below and our guide to 8 simple but effective ways to keep in touch with your customers without selling a thing will be delivered to your inbox in minutes. These tips will help you keep in touch, add value and increase loyalty with your customers, all without selling a single thing. And if you can sell right now, these tips will help increase your customer loyalty and attract new prospects.

Psst… You’ll find another great freebie about the 8 steps to building a connection with your clients here.

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