Accountability session with the Marketing Architect

Accountability Sessions

It’s great being the boss of your own business, but without someone to report to, it’s easy to procrastinate about difficult tasks and tough decisions.

This is for you if you have a whole heap of ideas, but no idea how to prioritise them. If you aren’t sure which of the marketing activities you’ve done in the past have been the most successful and whether to continue with them. It’s for you if you have the best of intentions, but somehow marketing your business keeps slipping off your radar as you are pulled in other directions.

How does it work?

One hour-long, Zoom call per month to set your objectives for the coming month, and report back on the success of the last month, review your action plan, discuss ideas and decide whether they should make it into the top priority list.

Plus, one copy review session per month.

You’ve got a rough plan of what you want to achieve, but you need the help to stay on track and bring it to life. You also need help to make the decisions along the way, so that they don’t stall your momentum and take you way off course.

Let’s get together by Zoom once a month for a one-hour Accountability Session.

During our calls we’ll do the following:

  • Review the status of your most recent projects and evaluate their success, discuss what could have been done differently and whether you’ll repeat this particular activity and in what time frame. This will help you to get the most out the time and money you are investing in your marketing.
  • Create a project management system for planning and monitoring your marketing and use it to keep a track of where you are at and keep projects moving forward.
  • Develop measures for evaluating which of your marketing activities are delivering revenue, so that you are always getting the best return on investment from the time and money you spend.
  • Plan your marketing for the next month, and create an action plan for you to work through. This will keep you focused and on track, and we’ll use it to review your progress the following month.

Every month you get to choose a piece of content that you’d like us to review and feedback on, so that it’s going to work for you when you launch it to your audience.

Accountability sessions cost £100 per month.

Calls need to be booked at least 5 working days in advance.

Today I hit my highest monthly revenue in 9 months. I am also sleeping properly again because I’m no longer spending time on things are not necessary.

So, just a huge thank you for the last two months, I feel like I finally got my mojo back and I’m excited for what comes next! Nicky Edwards

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